The Tribute to Tom Howard is up – Episode #137

I was thinking that it would be so much better to do a tribute to our special friends while they are still here on earth…maybe we could all just express thanks and appreciation more often with each other….nontheless, the tribute to the late Tom Howard is up.  There was so much more to this special man than a one hour tribute can began to cover…spend a few minutes with the Facebook group: In Memory of Tom Howard: Musician, Arranger and you’ll see what I mean.

Please continue to keep Dori and the Howard family in your prayers and support if you will.  To donate via Paypal: login-send funds tab-enter Dori’s email – amount.  Thanks!

If you are new to this site…go up to the Playlist button and click…and you’ll see the show listed and ready to roll when you push play.

I would appreciate your response to this Episode as well as your prayers and support this month.

2 thoughts on “The Tribute to Tom Howard is up – Episode #137

  1. Dear Jerry ,
    as always , very good show.
    I listen two times on my way to my daily work with my MiniDisc Walkman.
    I also have the first album by Tom Howard .

    And I have request for one of your next shows.
    Would You be so kind to play a song from the second Doves album ?
    My favorite is ” Changed ”

    God bless & greetings from good old Germany,

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