Be Watching For A Tribute to Tom Howard

Be watching for a tribute Episode to the late Tom Howard this week…and please continue to keep Dori and the Howard family in your prayers and support if you will.  To donate via Paypal: login-send funds tab-enter Dori’s email – amount.  Thanks!

Speaking of contributions:  Thanks to the Hudsons from Redding, CA…we are on our way to getting the necessary funds together for upgrading the FULL CIRCLE/JSR studios.  Thanks!! We are looking to purchase more hard drive storage, internet bandwidth, an upgrade for PROTOOLS and hopefully a larger screen monitor as well as other items.  You may earmark a contribution if you’d like at PayPal…and thanks!!

Full Circle is now being heard in New Zealand on One Christian Radio 106.9 FM as well as on WTWT 90.5 FM, Russell, PA and on WRDJ 93.5 FM, Merritt Island, FL!!  We are looking for more radio affiliates…so keep that in prayer!

3 thoughts on “Be Watching For A Tribute to Tom Howard

  1. Wow. Praise God!!! That was fast;the answer to prayer! I am encouraged in my own prayer life with that good news. Is your ministry affilliated in any way with Bethel Church in Redding,California? Just curious.

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