Hey everybody! Great news!

Hey everybody!  Great news!  We are to rejoice in all things even if we have only had a small breakthrough…there’s more on the way!  We’ve received some support for equipment upgrades and are now able to get the newest version of Pro Tools and MAC upgrades which will speed up production.  As more finances are given we’ll be producing more episodes of FULL CIRCLE and much more.  You are helping make it happen!

You may recall an earlier post to let you know that we need new equipment, processors and bandwidth at our internet side for the next season for our radio and podcast ministry.  Our hard drives are full and slow and sometimes don’t work…it’s time for an upgrade and a major spring cleaning.

We’re working as the Full Circle Media Group here at the JSR Studios in Nashville and are beginning to produce other pod casts and radio productions.  Our desire is to share ministry minded programs featuring today’s worship, contemplative prayer and reflective coaching and encouragement.  Things are stirred up and so we need to get ready for the space these programs will necessitate.  If you want to earmark a gift for the studio needs…please let us know and thanks!

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