Testimony – Episode #272

Hi Everybody, Say, do you have a TESTIMONY? Everyone does and the songs on this episode reflect the amazing encounters we’ve all had with God. You’ll hear “testimony” songs from Randy Stonehill, Barry McGuire, Amy Grant, Phil Keaggy, Honeytree, the late Keith Green and many more.

A testimony can be powerful when you give your perspective of what you’ve experienced. Some folks don’t think that their story really matters because it’s not as colorful as others who really messed up before being rescued by Jesus. But every testimony is important and can influence others to find their way.

Special thanks goes to Baron Wiley from KBRN – Boerne Radio in Boerne, Texas who had the inspiration for this show. I am happy that KBRN is one of the many stations that play FULL CIRCLE. And, this particular episode was graciously underwritten by my friends Gregory Reid, Paul French, Steven Weyhrich, Scott Powell, Denzel Pollock, Tom Tatlow, William and Linda Schaaff and others. They have made a difference so that you can enjoy the classic songs on Full Circle and be blessed by the message. Thank you my friends.

Won’t you join them and help them underwrite the next episode?

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