Episode #123 is ready to listen to!!

Hi Everybody,

The music is the message on FULL CIRCLE and I have a bit of a musical bible study for you on this episode that features Daniel Band, Petra, Leslie Phillips, Benny Hester, the late Denny Correll and many more.

On this show I’m asking the question….Is Jesus Enough?  Or are you still searching?  You might be religious and have some interest in religious things…even an interest in classic music that brings back memories…but I am asking…Is Jesus Really Enough?  Give us a listen and let me know what you think?

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2 thoughts on “Episode #123 is ready to listen to!!

  1. OK Jerry, how do I listen??
    What do you think of Melody Green’s efforts with the new Last Days Ministries web site. I just read the updated No Compromise book a few months ago and noticed there was no mention of her second husband. I’m gonna take a guess and say some well meaning Christians helped encourage her to get remarried, maybe I’m wrong here, but how in the world does anyone think you can follow in Keith’s place. Crazy, he was one of a kind. I’m glad she reminded me of you in the book. Take care bro and let me know how to listen. Maybe I’ll have it figured out by then.

  2. Phil,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll address the “how do I listen” question. You can go to the Playlist, and click on the show link there; you can click on the “Subscribe to Podcast” button at the top of the page, and select from any of the episodes to download and listen to; or you can go to the iTunes store, search for “Full Circle Jesus Music”, and subscribe to the program. Very soon now, iTunes will also again be showing individual programs to select and download.

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