Episode #129, The Summer Of 1978

Where were you during the summer of 1978?  If you were alive…you might remember that it was one of the most exciting summers for early Jesus music as many “hot” albums were released.

On this Episode of FULL CIRCLE…you’ll hear from Don Francisco, Wendell Burton, The Archers, Farrell and Farrell and Pat Terry and many others!

Go to the playlist tab…click the arrow at Episode 129…jump in and give a listen!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Thanks for your support of the show!!

3 thoughts on “Episode #129, The Summer Of 1978

  1. Well I was living in the Last Days Community (Keith Green’s early Ministry when it was still in California)! I met some amazing Artists and met Jerry and Cindy Bryant and had some awesome times with the Lord and with early contemporary Christian music. I will never forget that summer as long as I live. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving, Jerry!

  2. I was only 3 years old at that time & don’t remember much but was probably the youngest fan of Andrae Crouch & the Disciples.

  3. I was stationed in San Diego California hanging out with some of the coolest Christians. I was first introduced to the music of Love Song, Terry Talbot and will never forget hearing Larry Norman’s “In Another Land” for the first time. Some concerts of interest, Bob Bennett, Oden Fong, Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman, Don Francisco, Lympic and Rayburn, Benny Hester to name just a few. God used that time to really ground me in my faith and develop some friendships that have lasted all these years later. Looking back I wish I knew about the Jesus Solid Rock radio show. All I remember on the radio in those days was a AM station out of L.A. I think, KBRT and a Sunday night show on a local Country Station KSON that played CCM. It was a great summer that I will never forget!!

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