Episode #133 Will Be Loading Soon!!

Hey everybody….just waiting for a little more underwriting help as we are about to upload Episode #133, and finish Part Two of our alphabetical countdown to “Z”.  The show features the Sweet Comfort Band (the amazing group that’s about to record a new album after all these years…worth the wait!)..as well as Terry Talbot, Jamie Owens-Collins, Malcolm and Alwyn, Dan Peek, The Wall Bros and Vector….now that is a cross section of tunes!

If you get the chance…check out the new video on the left and tell me what you think!  Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Episode #133 Will Be Loading Soon!!

  1. Hey Jerry,
    Love the show but….
    Please, your website is www [DOT] fullcirclejesusmusic.com,
    you always say the website without saying “DOT” between the “www” and the domain name, “fullcirclejesusmusic”!
    This might cause some people to not be able to come here, because they are going to a website that does not exist.
    I’ve listened to many a podcast of yours and you have done this numerous times.
    I want you to be successful for the Lord!
    Be blessed.

  2. My dear friend…we are very much alive….stacks of shows ready to send…the support for the show is unfortunately dead…so I wait and pray….please join me.

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