There is a special need at FULL CIRCLE

Our God is an awesome God and He knows our needs so I start by rejoicing in Him.  If you’ll let me I’d like to share our needs with you as well.  It is very simple…and not too big for God.

We need new equipment, processors and bandwidth at our internet side for the next season for our radio and podcast ministry.  I won’t bother you with all the details…but after three years our hard drives are full and slow and sometimes don’t work…it’s time for an upgrade and a major spring cleaning.

Maybe someone who listens to FULL CIRCLE is looking for a big need to give to…instead of just sponsoring a particular episode here and there.

Or, if you know of a foundation or grant that might be open to considering our ministry…let me know.  Or a company that would be open to endorsement or underwriting.

Please write me at if you’d like more details and how you can help in this significant need.


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