I Love My Friend Tom Dooley And I Believe In Prayer For His Healing!

Folks, I am not going to wait to eulogize a friend that has been dear to me…Tom Dooley, producer of THE JOURNEY, heard on over 200 radio stations from flagship station KVTT-FM in Dallas. (www.mastermedia.org)  You may not be aware of the fact that it was Tom who strongly urged me to start the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC show and connected me with my first underwriter, Dr David Shibley from Global Advance.  Tom has often had a prophetic word for me and has encouraged me since I first met him at CBN radio in Virginia Beach in 1981.  He is a prince and a true friend.

It has been confirmed that Tom Dooley has a tumor. The specifics of what kind and treatment are still unknown. They do know that it is big and it is deep in his brain. He was admitted to the hospital to try and control the swelling of his brain. The swelling, and not the tumor, is what is causing difficulty with his motor skills.

Throughout this ordeal Tom has had a very positive attitude. He believes that this is in God’s hands, and he, along with the rest of the family, are trusting God to heal him. Regardless of the diagnosis, Tom is determined to fight whatever this turns out to be. Tom & Melanie are both extremely fatigued.

Please pray for rest and peace for them. Please continue to pray for his doctors and the medical staff treating him. They are so very grateful for everyone’s prayers.

5 thoughts on “I Love My Friend Tom Dooley And I Believe In Prayer For His Healing!

  1. A prayer has been lifted up to God. However, everytime I try and post, an error comes up, says message is a bit spammy.

  2. Tom Is God’s Voice in my car Radio, who allowed Jesus to save me 9 yrs ago. Other’s need that connection too. We need Tom Dooley on the airwaves, to God’s Glory. Amen!

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