Somebody’s Praying For Us In Nashville

We have felt the prayers of our friends and family as we recover from the Nashville Flood!  The JESUS SOLID ROCK Studios were on high ground so we were blessed to have not received damage to our equipment. Others were not so fortunate…Sound Check…where so many musicians store their equipment had 9 Million Dollars in damage!  Hard to fathom.  But we are all thankful to be alive…and grateful to many volunteers from even out of state who have come to help clean up!

I recently received support from a partner of the ministry, so I’ll be able to upload a new FULL CIRCLE show shortly! Episode 140 will feature a look back on 1979 with songs from The Archers, D&K, Messenger, Tim Shepherd and the Sweet Comfort Band, a band that will be booking dates for their reunion concerts across the country soon!

Be sure and sign up for the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group on Face Book…and tell your friends!

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