Remembering Kevin Thomson and Dana Key, Episode #143

Some of you may have just realized that we lost to Jesus Music pioneers recently.  Kevin Thomson from Sweet Comfort Band and Dana Key from DeGarmo & Key.  Recent blogs will fill in the story but on Episode #143…we remember.

When I started FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC, I didn’t think about the fact that I’d need to do tribute shows and eulogies…I guess we all tend to think we’ll live forever on this earth.  But now some of the early Jesus music fathers have transitioned into a new venue where we’ll never die. It’s not rehearsal time anymore…they’re striking up the band and having a wonderful time in the presence of the King.

We play the songs and remember these legends in this episode.  Thanks to the generous help of Russell Baum, Jeff Cain and Steven Weyrich…we hope you’ll be blessed.  Let us know your comments…write

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