28•28•28 Did You Watch?

How many were able to connect with the 28•28•28 webcast event last night at www.keithgreen.com?

Blog about it on my blog page!!

2 thoughts on “28•28•28 Did You Watch?

  1. I can’t believe it’s been that long – or that it hasn’t been longer. I remember that day very clearly – walking home from my graveyard shift, listening to my Walkman radio and hearing the news on a network newscast. What a blow! We were all too young to die back then.

    In the intervening years, the Lord has granted wisdom, and now I see how true it is, that ‘lest a grain of wheat fall to the ground’ newness of life, of commitment, of regeneration cannot take place.

    God has blessed the continuing ministry of our brother Keith and sister Melody, and for that I am grateful.

  2. I really enjoyed the webcast after it was posted on the LDM site. because there was technical trouble during the original cast. However I enjoyed Melody and the young people, the youthful minister that led the YWAM audience in worship.

    Of course Keith should be mentioned the event was in commeoration. Iwas yet pointed to Christ through the showing of his ministry video and to see how he was willing to be transparent when it was originally taped even on a national television program.

    It has really pushed me to be willing to be open to god and his leading wherever.

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