My Heart Is Sad…Yet I Rejoice

My heart is sad, yet I rejoice that my friend is in the presence of His Master and King…and because there will be a glorious resurrection…death has no sting.

I loved Tom Dooley…he was my connection and helped encourage me to put FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC on the air.  He’s always been my friend and encourager…and last night He was joyously received into his Father’s arms!!

Tom had a tumor on his brain was being treated with radiation and chemotherapy.

Tom was the founder of MasterMedia Ministries and the former morning man for the former KVTT in Dallas.  His radio show, THE JOURNEY with Tom Dooley was a 2-hr. daily Christian music/talk radio program and a 3-hr. weekend show heard on over 200 stations.  It was a unique broadcast combining the worlds of contemporary Christian music and literature with commentary from Tom. The focus of the ministry was that of discipleship and encouragement.

Tom was a giant of a man in the Spirit, a prophet and innovator and a leader you just wanted to be around.

We first met when both of us were in Virginia Beach working for the Christian Broadcasting station in Tidewater.

I’ll miss him…but we’ll be together again soon.

Please remember his family, friends and associates in prayer if you would.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “My Heart Is Sad…Yet I Rejoice

  1. I too am very saddened that Tom has left this earth. I prayed for his healing. I listened to him on KVTT for at least 20 years–every morning on my way to work. I know God’s word tells us that we were healed by His stripes, and I know that God has a plan for our lives. I guess I just need a word of comfort from anyone reading this post. I am trying to understand…I am so heartbroken–how does Tom’s passing bring glory to God? Those that are not already saved will hear this story & say, “See? What good did it do Tom? God didn’t heal him.” I am a sinner saved by His grace. I expect one day to see Tom in heaven. I just didn’t expect him to go so quickly. I really, from the bottom of my heart, believed that he would be healed & what a story he would have to tell about his healing. I expected his voice on the radio again. And our lives would go on for at least another 20 or more years. I don’t want to offend anyone; I’m sorry if I have. I am just sad for me and all the people whose lives he touched during his time on this earth. I wasn’t ready for his leaving us yet. I’ve read the posts on Facebook & Caring Bridges. Everyone is trying to lift up Melanie & the family. I think that’s wonderful. I know Melanie has been so brave through all of this & her heart must be so sad. My condolence to the family, but I am sorry for me too. He was a part of my life & I will never forget him.

  2. I too am sad and just heard announced on KCBI today. I didn’t realize he was sick, so was pretty shocked. I also had listened to The Journey and before that when he was on KOJO. He’ll be truly missed, but death is a part of life. God lost his own Son to death, so knows the sadness we have. But we can rejoice that it isn’t final because of Christ! Who says death wasn’t God’s way of final healing? Tom has left a great legacy in his recordings, so that will be his continual testament to Christ.

  3. I was saddened to hear of Tom’s passing. I offer my condolences to his lovely family. God has received him into His presence. He has lifted my spirits many days and has taught me how to pray from the heart for my family, friends and myself. I will miss him, his teaching and his and his inspiration.

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