Leftovers Are Actually Quite Tasty, Episode #154 Is Up!

On Episode #154 I’m going to give you what I’m calling LEFTOVER’S. What I mean by this is that we’ll be listening to some songs that were going to be included in past FULL CIRCLE shows but we just didn’t have enough time to include them.

We’ll be hearing from the likes of classic rockers Resurrection Band and DeGarmo & Key, new wave artists Weber & The Buzztones and Quickflight, some fine songwriters like Bill Batstone, Tom Howard and Chris Christian, as well as those who paved the way for CCM like Farrell & Farrell, Paul Clark and our opening songstress..Honeytree!  Go to the play list and give it a listen or download from the ITUNES store at FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC!!

On the next Episode of FULL CIRCLE…we’ll celebrate the life and music of the late and legendary LARRY NORMAN, who passed away February 24, 2008!  Don’t miss the show!

Special thanks to Jeffrey and Mary Beth Smith from Grand Island, NY who underwrote this show…as well as provided a matching grant (GREAT IDEA) from where he works!  Thanks guys!

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