There’s Still Time!!

Hi Everyone,

There’s still time to make plans to attend Cornerstone 2011 near Bushnell, IL, and be at the JESUS RALLY on June 30th!!  Featured are pioneers of early Jesus Music like Barry McGuire, EBand, Sheep, Petra, Servant, Daniel Amos and Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill.  Go to for all the details!!!

Say, if you haven’t joined my FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group on Facebook…please do so today.  I will be sending a personal note soon concerning the status of the FULL CIRCLE radio show…and if you’re registered free…you’ll get the letter.

Recently a dear friend sent in support for the program and gave me some great encouragement.  Would you join with him today and send in your support.  It will be greatly appreciated.  Use the PayPal button at my website and feel free to write if you’d like to have more information as how to earmark your gift.  Thank you!

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