Pat Terry Interview Part 2, Episode #167 Starts The New Year!

Lee Elder wrote about Episode #165   “Great show with Pat Terry! He was really one of my great heroes of the early CCM movement. It was nice hearing Pat’s comments and to listen to those old songs once again. It really was “sweet music” and came at a good time while I was trying to finish a late-night project on the computer. Can’t wait for Part 2!!!”

Well Happy New Year to Lee and everyone else….here’s Part 2!!

Episode #167 (After a timely insert with the Christmas show…Episode #166) was made possible by a couple of our listeners.  Thanks!  I am so grateful and I hope you will enjoy songs like Heaven Ain’t All There Is, Enduring Love, Iris….memories of the late Mark Heard and a couple of fresh songs from Terry’s Laugh For A Million Years!!  If you want to catch up with Terry today…go to

1 thought on “Pat Terry Interview Part 2, Episode #167 Starts The New Year!

  1. The Pat Terry interviews have just been fantastic. He is one of the least talked about artists from the 70s/80s that has written some great songs. Thanks Jerry for interviewing him and I love the two new songs and when I get up tomorrow morning I’m going right to his site to order his latest album. He and Mark Heard were a dynamic duo!!!

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