Episode #170 Revisits Jesus Music Veteran Paul Clark

Hi everybody…on this episode we’re going to continue our retrospective look at the life, legacy and music of Christian Music veteran Paul Clark.

On Part One a few weeks ago, we covered the first 5 years of Paul’s career starting from 1970 thru 1975. On Episode #170 we’ll focus on what he was up to from 1976 thru 1983.

With Paul’s propensity to explore new music genres he set his plow into the rich soil of his childhood R&B roots. Moving his compositional skills away from guitar and to the piano for farming the new Jazz/R&B sound field…joining forces with fellow Kansas City native and guitarist, Curt Bartlett, and Oklahoma-City musicians Hadley Hockensmith on guitar and bass, Harlan Rogers on keyboards, Lanny Hansen on drums, and Jim Hochanadel on saxophone. Paul had met Hadley, Harlan and Bill Maxwell, years earlier in Oklahoma City, as the 3rd Street Rhythm and Blues Band and later they formed the jazz group Koinonia.

Paul stopped by the JESUS SOLID ROCK studios in Nashville recently and we had a long chat to catch up.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back…I think you’ll enjoy the music and the conversation.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you…it would be great if we could start the new month re-connected!!

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  1. I love the music of Paul Clark….in fact, love all the music posted by Full Circle! Thanks for keeping up with it and bringing back the ambiance of the early Jesus Music! Blessings to you!

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