Episode #171 Features THE CHOIR!!

Hi Everybody,

Special supporters…Bob Henninger & family made it possible to share with you one of my favorite Episodes….#171 featuring THE CHOIR!!!  On this special episode I’m talking with Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong the core duo making up the alternative Christian rock band along with Tim Chandler on bass, the smooth Dan Michaels on saxophone and lyricon and Marc Byrd on guitar.

The Choir was originally formed as Youth Choir in the early 1980s and were a part of the Calvary Chapel Christian punk an alternative music scene, which also included the bands Undercover, Crumbacher, Altar Boys and 4-4-1.  Did you know that Youth Choir was the first band ever to play at the Cornerstone Festival?

You learn a lot more interesting info on the band and hear some of their remarkable music….on this episode…so give us a listen!!

1 thought on “Episode #171 Features THE CHOIR!!

  1. Thanks for putting this show out. The Choir has always been one of my favorite bands of all time. Such great guys. My brother just turned me onto your podcast and I can tell you I’ll be a regular listener and will recommend this to many of my friends who share my affinity with Christian rock..

    I plan on throwing some support out there as well.

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