Thanks To My Friends…I’m Posting Episode #173

Hey Everybody,

In my last post I said I could enjoy getting use to posting 2 Episodes back to back….but even though it has been a while since support enabled me to do that…thanks to my friends John Carroll and Bob Henninger who have stepped up to underwrite the show…I am able to post Episode #173 and I think it’s worth the wait.

On this show, I thought I’d feature one song each from the years 1971 thru 1984. That covers a whole host of artists and styles including some popular favorites such as Amy Grant, DeGarmo & Key, The Imperials, Fireworks, The 2nd Chapter of Acts, & Phil Keaggy to name a few.

Recently someone wrote and asked how much it would cost to underwrite a show…and when I told them…they apologetically said they couldn’t send that much because things were tight and I said that I understood.  But, here’s something I wish I could get everyone to understand.  Even if you can’t underwrite an entire show…”what ever you can send” will add up with the “whatever you can send” from others…and guess what?  Another show gets produced and posted!!!  Thanks again for your prayers and support!!


1 thought on “Thanks To My Friends…I’m Posting Episode #173

  1. Great talking with you. I have a picture of you baptizing me in the campus lake, if I figure out how to scan it, I’ll send it along. I’m so thecno challenged!!! How is your son? If you have Myra’s and Marc G phone numbers?, I’d love to call them. call me when convenient.

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