Episode #179 Is Another Request Show…Joy, Joy!!

Hi Everybody,

Joy! Joy! It’s time for another request show on FULL CIRCLE…and we’ll be hearing from a variety of artists from the 70’s & 80’s all of whom had a deep desire to share the love of the Lord with their listeners and what they had learned in their journey along the way in the musical styles of their day.

How about music from Randy Matthews, Albrecht, Roley and Moore, The Pat Terry Group, Debbie Boone and David And The Giants to get us started?

This show is underwritten by faithful listeners like Dara Barnes and Robert Henninger and of course Steve Weyhrich. Gosh!! It is such a blessing that a few of you are helping keep FULL CIRCLE on the airways…what about the rest of my friends? Can you do something this week? It will really help!!

Guess what? I just received a letter from my first listener in CHILE!! What a joy to see the best of early Jesus music being heard around the world!! Thank you Jesus!!

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