Special Guest Ed Raetzloff Featured on Episode #180

Hi Everybody,

How many of you remember the Blue Jug Band? Blue Jug recorded 3 albums and toured as an opening act with the likes of Lynard Skynard, the Allman Brothers Band, the Charlie Daniels Band and even Molly Hatchet.

On this episode we had a chance to sit down and talk with special guest and founder of the band, Ed Raetzloff. His music is unique as it is probably the only authentic southern rock Jesus music ever released to the general public. Ed’s music had some of the hottest guitar licks in CCM at the time and his lyrics had an honesty and authenticity about them that stands the test of time.

Special friends David Fleser, Joshua Inman, Robert Henninger and Steven Weyhrick made this episode possible through their gifts. Would you like to make the next episode possible? Check at the PayPal button on our website and thanks!!

4 thoughts on “Special Guest Ed Raetzloff Featured on Episode #180

  1. Loved Ed Raetzloff’s solo albums! I sometime wondered where he is and what he is doing nowadays! COOL! 🙂

  2. I love Ed Raetzloff’s Music,I have both of his albums on vinyl,but I would luv to get his stuff on CD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,I by far enjoy his first album ;that album speaks to me ,everytime I have listened to it;it is by far one of the best albums of that era.
    I don’t have a phonogragh any more,but I would luv to hear of somewhere where I could get this album on cd;luv your show,Thanks for bringing back memories!!

  3. I am Free……was dealing with the system and now I am dealing with THE KING! Luke 17 was the story of my life, was in Thompson MB (1980) when I bought the two albums, Driving Wheels and It Took A Long Time……..still get brought to tears when I listen to these albums. Thank You Jesus for the Robe of Righteousness!

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