Last Year About This Time….

Last year, just about this same time…I posted this note!

Due to the generous support from listeners Bob Henninger and Connie Waldridge we have posted a new show!

For its first hundred episodes, Full Circle was sponsored by a generous gift from Global Advance, a Dallas, TX missions organization. After fulfilling their commitment to help get the program off the ground, we are now completely dependent on the freewill donations of our listeners. There is no other funding. Recently three classic oldies shows left the airwaves because of a lack of support and this seems to be the trend. No-one can do this without help.

If you would to help keep Full Circle on the air, please consider making a donation. You can mail your gift to:

Full Circle Jesus Music
2608 Mesa Drive
Nashville, TN 37217

I decided that maybe a reminder would be in order…here a year later.

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