Episode #188 Inspired By A Listener From Scotland

A listener from Scotland, Joseph Culp, not only inspired but paid for Episode #188, along with a new and special friend, Joe Baudino who wanted to pay forward for other episodes! What great support has come from a few…joining Robert Henniger, Steven Weyhrich, Rev Davis, Joshua Inman and others. I want to honor those who have keep the vision with me to keep the “classics” alive and make it possible to produce FULL CIRCLE! Let me know if you’d like to join them.

On this Episode you’ll hear from artists from where Joseph grew up…the UK. Artists like After The Fire, Alwyn Wall, Bryn Haworth, Cliff Richard and of course Sheila Walsh…and a song from probably the best known band from over the pond. (outside of the Beatles) Be sure and listen and you’ll find out who I mean.

Thanks for telling others about the show. Go to the playlist above and listen or download to your IPOD at the ITUNES Store!

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