Episode #223, Christmas Songs For A Cabin in Colorado

Hi Everybody,

It is that time again…tis the season and Jesus is the reason! So many of us love the amazing Christmas songs played at this time of year…so what early Jesus music songs would you want to hear if you were stranded in a snowstorm in a cabin in Colorado? On this episode of FULL CIRCLE we’ll explore that very question…I hope you’ll enjoy! I won’t tell you the songs…so you can listen and discover for yourself the memories of Christmas.

Let me not forget to thank again the wonderful folks who have financially supported and prayed for FULL CIRCLE this past year. My webmaster Steven Weyhrich, Phil Durham, Robert and Cynthia Henninger, David and Vicki Davis, Tom Tatlow, Joshuan Inman, Joseph and Serena Culp, Denzel Polliock, Paul French, William and Lind Schaaff, Alan Ray, David and Diana Hoy and many others. THANK YOU!!!

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