Episode #235 From The Other Side Of The Stage with guest Alex MacDougall

Hi Everybody,

I’m entitling this show “From The Other Side of the Stage” because I am highlighting an artist who doesn’t normally get the spotlight but has made a significant mark on the musical genre as a whole. On this episode I’ll be talking with a man who has played so many various roles within the music world. Drummer / percussionist Alex Macdougall, who was a member of numerous early Jesus music groups in the 70’s as well as a studio musician for literally hundreds of albums during that time and well into the following 3 decades.

You’ll hear early Jesus music from The Way, Bob Bennett, Daniel Amos, Mark Heard and much more as I have a candid discussion with Alex and explore those remarkable artists and recordings. I think you will really enjoying see the stage from “the other side”. Be sure and open Playlist 201 – Present, click on Episode #235 and enjoy.

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