Amy Grant, Part One on Full Circle #247

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a long time since I spoke with my special guest Amy Grant. The first time I interviewed her, she was 19. I think you’ll enjoy looking back at the songs and memories of an early pioneer of Jesus Music, who’s still going strong.

We’ll look at songs from her first album, her relationship with the DeGarmo and Key Band and the late Rich Mullins. It’s a full show and it’s only Part One!! You’ll hear songs like MOUNTAIN TOP, OLD MAN’S RUBBLE, NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE YOU, SING YOUR PRAISES TO THE LORD and so much more.

Amy has stood the test of time and remains a tender hearted, committed artist that helped shape todays’ CCM. Recently she was honored by the city of Nashville with a memorial sign honoring her and Michael W. Smith, Dogwood, Honeytree, Randy Matthews and others. The sign was erected outside of the Koninowa Christian bookstore, where it all started here in Nashville.

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