Can You Hear Me Now? Episode #264

Hi Everybody,

Evangelism and missions are a vital part of the mature Christian life. Give a listen to Episode #264. Let’s give people something to talk about. Matthew 5:14 says that “You are the light of the world.” Let that light shine.

Go to Playlist 251 – Present and click Episode #264 and give a listen.

Featuring Jesus Music from Charlie Peacock, Michele Pillar, Paul Clark, Rob Frazier, Steven Curtis Chapman, Randy Stonehill, Scott Wesley Brown, the late Keith Green and more.

I’m more than grateful to listeners that suggest themes for new shows, send mp3’s of old songs and financially support this tax-exempt ministry. Special thanks to Steven Weyhrich, Bob Henninger, Joshua Inman, Denzel Polliock, Paul French, John Boughton, Tom Tallow, Joseph Culp and so many more for making this show possible.

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