Looking At 2 Peter 1 On Episode #218

Hi Everybody,

I’ve just returned from yet again another mission trip to Peru, so I’ve posted Episode #218 just a little later than normal. It is one of my favorites as we musically explore some amazing passages in 2 Peter 1. You’ll hear classics from Bryan Duncan, David Meece, Morgan Cryar and the late Tom Howard and even some Altar Boys. It’s a great show for you to enjoy and share with your friends.

It is great to see how the music of yesteryear was so current and anointed with scriptural principles and I think Russell Baum, our writer did a great job blending it all together. Let me know if you agree.

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Underground Jesus Music on Episode #217

Hi everybody,

You may have never heard the music on this episode. While under-produced and somewhat obscure, still these songs are part of the history of early Jesus music and deserve to be remembered. These artists were touched by the love of Jesus during the early Jesus movement and made the effort to express it with their own unique sounds…kinda underground…off the radar…but from their hearts.

Wilson McKinley, Psalm 150, Rainbow Promise, Sons Unto Glory and Sonlight were just a few of the bands that laid down the tracks we’ll be featuring on this episode sponsored by good friend Robert Henninger.

Support from friends like Robert is so encouraging and helps me fulfill the assignment the Lord has given me to keep early Jesus music in our hearts. If you can help support this ministry in any way…click the link for your tax deductible gift. Thanks.

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Two Old DJ’s on Episode #216

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There’s a lot of old disk jockeys out there who have had their rotation (pun intended) behind the mic spinning disks…but there is only one LARRY BLACK. When I first started in Christian radio with the JESUS SOLID ROCK show in Carbondale, Illinois, there were only 3-4 Jesus Music radio shows on the air. One was from Freeville, NY with Scott Ross, who later joined with Pat Robertson and the CBN radio network…and he turned over his nationally acclaimed radio show to his producer, LARRY BLACK. Over the years Larry and my radio show would be back to back on many radio stations from coast to coast.

It was time to sit down with my old friend and recall our memories of some of the early Jesus music artists like Phil Keaggy, Garry S. Paxton, Nedra Ross and the Ronettes and others. My own re-conversion came as a result of hearing the E Band in concert and praying after the concert with Greg X. Volz…in the early 70’s. You’ll hear the songs and memories on this episode of FULL CIRCLE, thanks to the idea and the underwriting of my good friend Steven Weyhrich. Enjoy and pass it on to a friend.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support of this ministry. Enjoy!

Remembering Roby Duke, Episode #215

Hi Everybody,

Do you remember the late Roby Duke? While not one of the most noted Christian musicians Roby was greatly respected and appreciated by all who were touched by his songs and gentle spirit. Born and raised in the musical hotbed of the Mississippi Delta, against the backdrop of drawn out, humid summers and a variety of jazz and blues influences, Duke began to fashion sounds all his own, experimenting with all kinds of instruments along the way. His sound successfully mixed his down-home southern roots and current pop trends. In other words…Roby was an innovative legend!!

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Enjoy the show!! Thanks to Judy Gale for underwriting and sponsoring this episode of FULL CIRCLE.

Visiting with Wayne Watson on Episode #214

Hi everybody,

I first met Wayne Watson at the Fellowship of Contemporary Christian Ministries (FCCM) gathering in Fort Wayne, Ind., back in the early 70’s. Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Wayne and confirmed that he is still going strong…having released another new CD this very week! Go to www.waynewatson.com and get a copy of Simple Life…it’s amazing.

On this episode you’ll hear the classic from Wayne like Touch Of The Master’s Hand, Man In The Middle, Friend of A Wounded Heart and so much more! You don’t want to miss this in-depth conversation with Wayne and recall songs that set him apart as a premier singer songwriter in early CCM. Go to www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com and click Episode #214 and share with a friend.

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Revisiting 1975 with Episode #213

Do you remember 1975? Hi Everybody! We start the new year looking back 40 years (if you can believe that?) with Episode #213 for you to download or stream and share with your friends. Amazing songs from some amazing people that for the most part are still out there singing the good music of Jesus. What a year as “Jesus Music” begin to mature.

You’ll hear from Jamie Owens Collins, Paul Clark and Friends, Pat Terry, Randy Matthews, the 2d Chapter of Acts and the late Andrae Crouch. Don’t miss this show…and hear the songs that paved the way for today’s CCM.

Merry Christmas 2015, Episode #212

Hi Everybody,

There is so much to rejoice in at Christmastime, because of Jesus…the greatest gift ever given! On our 2015 Christmas episode, it is a joy to share favorites from Michael W. Smith, Crystal Lewis, Randy Stonehill, Sheila Walsh, Paul Clark and Amy Grant and so many more! I hope there’s a song that is special to you and that you’ll enjoy the reason for the season!

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Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Episode #211 – Revisiting Phil Keaggy, Part 2

Hi Everybody,

With a little help from my friends, here’s Episode #212 – Revisiting Phil Keaggy, Pt 2!! If you missed Pt 1, check out the archives at Playlist 201-present before you listen and you’ll have some continuity from the artists that “takes a lickin and keeps on tickin”…the eveready Phil Keaggy.

On this episode you’ll hear the full version of our theme song for FULL CIRCLE that Phil so graciously granted us to use. Did you know that the song was written originally for Nedra Ross of The Ronnettes fame, the American R&B/Pop girl group from New York City?

You’ll also hear the story behind the hit songs, SUNDAY’S CHILD and JOHN THE REVELATOR and so much more, so don’t miss this show!

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Episode #210 – Revisiting Phil Keaggy, Part 1

Hi Everybody,

Well, it’s about time! I have been waiting for your response to the upcoming Phil Keaggy show, Pt 1 and I can’t wait any more…it’s such a great show. I hope you’ll enjoy!

As you know, Phil is a great friend and an amazing gift to Jesus Music and we are eternally grateful for his allowing us to use his song FULL CIRCLE for our opening theme. On a recent interview we found out a lot more about this incredible talent and all that has inspired his longevity! Recently he started a Kickstarter project for his next project (after over 60 albums)…if you’d like to help him, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/philkeaggy2015/phil-keaggy-tune-to-tune

I bet it will be as great as all of of his past efforts because Phil, like fine wine, get’s better with age!!

Big thanks go out to my FCJM staff and financial support once again from Joseph Culp, Steven Weyhrich, Joshua Inman, Alan Ray, Harriet Keith, David and Vick Davis, and Willian and Linda Schaaff for underwriting this ministry. If you don’t see your name our our sponsor list…no worries…just go to the button on the right and join the folks who make the next FULL CIRCLE show possible. (It’s tax deductible too)

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Remembering Billy Ray on Episode #209

Hi Everybody,

The summer is at an end and with your help and support, I’m going to crank up a few new FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC shows for you to enjoy. Special thanks to Russell Baum and Jeff Cain who help me produce the show, my faithful friend Steven Weyhrich who handles the webmastering and special support from David and Vicki Davis, Bill and Linda Schaaff, Walter Gorlitz, Alan Ray, Harriet Keith and Paul French…who made this show possible.

Episode #209 is dedicated to a wonderful friend of JESUS MUSIC, the late Billy Ray Hearn who created a new department at WORD Records, called Myrrh, where he introduced some of the early pioneers of JESUS MUSIC to the world and then went on to establish Sparrow Records until he finished his race on April 15, 2015.

He was a special gift to us all as he had the heart and ear to hear the music of our last generation and put it on vinyl. When I lived at Last Days Community with Keith and Melody Green, Billy allowed me to use the Sparrow Records shipping room in Canoga Park, California to mail my JESUS SOLID ROCK radio show on vinyl to my radio affiliates.

Enjoy this condensed tribute from my last 2 hours with Billy Ray….he’ll be missed.