Welcome to the “NEW” Full Circle Jesus Music web site!!

Hey everybody,  While I’ve been waiting to produce more FULL CIRCLE episodes…I’ve been working on my new website with my friend Steven Weyhrich!   It’s been a learning experience…but a lot of fun!   Let me also take this opportunity to thank my dear friend Rhonda Hanson for managing the first website for the last two years…I am so grateful!

Check out this new site…especially the feature where you can automatically go to any episode and listen at the playlist section.  The archives are available at a touch of a button!

Be sure and watch the video in the sidebar to the left, and let me know what you think of the new site!  Use the PAY PAL button when you give your support to the show!



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the “NEW” Full Circle Jesus Music web site!!

  1. Dear Jerry ,
    I like the clearly style of your new website .
    Very good idea to set a link for every episode to video rocket. (What do you think about to set the top button on the playlist site ?)

    Greetings from Germany & God bless you !


  2. I would love hear a show with the music of Evie. In my mind she is a pioneer of Contempary Christian Music.
    I live in the phoenix Az area. What are the times I can
    hear your show in this area. Thanks Carey

  3. I was wondering when you first started the Full Circle Jesus Music podcasts. I heard my first on MonsterPod a few years ago.

    I really miss hearing Gary S. Paxton and Evie, could you add them now and again? Thanks, Susan from Virginia

  4. Susan, The show actually started in November of 2007…on a few radio stations…eventually about 50…then we started sending the old shows to the internet via MonsterPod which later became Video Rocket which eventually folded…so now I am just on ITUNES and at my https://www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com site. There are about 145 shows uploaded there.

  5. I have been searching for Fire Wind album for about 25 years now. I could have cried when I listened to the podcast! It had a profound impact upon me when I was a young Christian and as I listen to it again, U can feel that passion stirring in my heart once again. Christ has risen from the dead and we are witnesses of the fact!

  6. Love your program & the website!
    Discovered your show from iTunes & have been hooked ever since.
    I realize it may be too much hassle but just an idea for the website:
    What if we were able to just type in an artist or song & every episode that had that artist or song would come up by the number(s) of that episode. That way, if we were interested in someone specifically, we could go right to that episode instead of having to thumb thru every one to find it. Either way, I love the history & stories from Jerry, as well as the edification & encouragement that you share, brother. I’m grateful for your ministry and pray more & more people will prayerfully give to keep Full Circle Jesus Music going.

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