Episode #122, with special guest Barry McGuire!

Hey everybody, what do you think about the website developed by my friend Steven Weyhrich?  It has been a great great joy to work with such a Jesus Music fan … helping me get online … thanks Steven for your hard work!

I think that you’ll especially like the feature where you can automatically go to any episode and listen at the Playlist section (Steven’s idea). The archives are available at a touch of a button! Also you can check out some recent photos of some of our Jesus Music friends in the Photo section.

The latest show is Episode #122 … featuring the “cosmic cowboy”, Mr Barry McGuire.  You’ll hear an interview that I did with him while in England a few weeks ago.  Check out this new episode in the Playlist section.

Be sure and watch the video and let me know what you think of the new site! Use the PayPal button when you give your support to the show!



5 thoughts on “Episode #122, with special guest Barry McGuire!

  1. Can you be more specific? What “old link” are you talking about? I tried to make all of the old links still work when I converted everything over.

  2. I use RSS Radio to subscribe to podcasts. Will this show add podcasting any time soon? The RSS feeds, as far as I can determine, are text-only. I would like to be able to download and listen to the programs, using RSS Radio.


    =Greg Sommers

  3. How can you not love a show with Barry McGuire on it? He was one of my favorites back in the day and still is. The new web site is great Jerry.

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