Episode #134 is here! He’s Coming Back!!

Every generation of Christians must face the dilemma of how to live in the tension between the possibility of Christ’s immediate return and the impossibility of predicting the moment. Many Christians unfortunately settle the problem by living as if Christ will not return. Meanwhile, others dabble in various fruitless but persistent schemes to “figure out” the time of Christ’s return.

While we may not know the hour or the day but we do know, as our first group reassures us, He is returning.

On this FULL CIRCLE Episode #134…we’ll share songs reflecting the mystery of the “parousia” from Jesus Music artists like the 2d Chapter of Acts, the Pat Terry Group, DeGarmo and Key, Farrell and Farrell and Randy Matthews, Mike Johnson and the late Danny Taylor.

Click on the playlist.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject…drop us a note!

4 thoughts on “Episode #134 is here! He’s Coming Back!!

  1. Hi Jerry ,
    yesterday I’d listen to this playlist for the third time,
    takin’ a bath 🙂
    I love this compilation !
    Greets from Germany

    be blessed ,

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