Remembering Tom Howard

There were warm smiles, hugs and encouragement at the memorial in Nashville for Jesus music pioneer Tom Howard.  St Bartholomews was packed with family and many friends from the music community.  We heard passionate musical renderings from Rick Elias, Marty Goetz, Cindy Morgan, Brent Bourgeous, Gene Miller and Phil Keaggy…then afterwards in the reception hall…an impromptu concert with Keaggy, Stonehill, Hindalong, Bourgeois and others!

Amazing how the best in us all comes out in times like these as we consider eternity from the “view from the bridge.” Please keep Dori and the kids in your prayers during this time.

If you’d like to hear an interview with Tom and his song “One More Reason”…check out Episode #22 on the play list page.  Tom, we’re gonna miss you!

2 thoughts on “Remembering Tom Howard

  1. Tom had just added me to his Facebook days before he died. I saw him warm up for Larry Norman in 1980 during a concert in St. Louis, and I was a fan always after that. This is a great loss, but Tom is in a much better place now.

  2. Hey Jerry…I last heard Tom in concert with the Faux Brummels…along with Rick Cua, Lynn Nichols, Dave Perkins, Phil Keaggy at the Franklin Picking Parlor. It was great seeing them have fun playing everything from Get Back to Stevie Ray Vaughn songs and everything in between. I was watching them set up and warm up…and Tom was working on the organ part of Green Onions…which they cranked out later. I will miss him.

    Rodney Boyd

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