Songs From The Road, Episode #153

On this episode will be checking out some ROAD tunes. By that I mean songs that deal with the topic of walking on the narrow road with Jesus that leads to life.

We’ll be hearing from many of the artist who favored a country Jesus music style such as early Daniel Amos, Bruce Carroll, Ed Raetzloff, and Mark Heard. You’ll also get a taste of some better known artists like Larry Norman and Keith Green.

I’ve received so many, many emails from folks like you tell me “Jerry, we love the show”  “God bless you…keep up the good work”  

Those letters are encouraging to say the least.  Only one thing that can make this happen though.  God using folks like you to partner with me.  I never have liked talking about finances…but real facts are that costs are incurred…so maybe you are someone God wants to use to support this ministry…and whether one time or often, a small gift or large…it all matters…really it does!

There’s a paypal button at this website, a snail mail address…and of course a lot of other stuff…check it out!

Nuff said.

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