Bill Gets It…He Understands Why I Do Full Circle!

Recently, I received this note from a listener….encouraging me to continue on with FULL CIRCLE.  He gets it!  He understands why I continue to do the show!  Thanks so much!!

He wrote:  “I just want you to know that I appreciate F/C so much and enjoy not only the current episodes but past shows also.

I’ll never forget when I was first exposed to Jesus Music back in the ’70s when my cousin gave me a cassette of Love Song.  I listened to it over and over.  I soon fell in love with 2nd Chapter, Barry McGuire, Phil Keaggy, Lamb, and all of the Maranatha!, Myrrh, Word, and Sparrow recordings.

There is a distinct difference in the message and tone of those days.  They weren’t afraid of the name “Jesus” in their lyrics and the music was so much more of a cheerful tone.

God bless you, Bro. Jerry!   Paypal has 50 bucks coming your way.  Wish I could do more!”


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