Episode #156 With Special Guest Terry Taylor

On this episode we have a very special guest Mr Terry Scott Taylor. Terry is the founding member of one of the most eclectic Christian bands around who have gone through more musical metamorphoses than any band I know of. That includes secular as well as Christian.  Of course I’m speaking of Daniel Amos. No that’s not the name of someone; rather it’s an amalgamation of two radical Old Testament prophets who spoke out boldly despite fierce opposition from the people of their day.

The band started out as a country rock outfit morphing into Beatlesque rock, new wave, alternative rock and just plane silly stuff thrown in for fun. Terry also found the time to form two side bands…The Swirling Eddies in 1988 and The Lost Dogs in 1992 as well as some solo efforts and producing other bands as well. Today all 3 configurations still exist whenever Terry has the mind to round up the various members of the groups and record or tour.

Recently Terry went through an extreme financial difficulty, which you may be aware of since I sent a note to everyone who is part of the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC Facebook group.  If you haven’t joined…please consider doing so.  Bob Bennett wrote….”Jerry … thanks so much for your heads-up on Terry Taylor. Taking care of the “Jesus Music” Community like this says a lot about you and your integrity as a brother-in-the-Faith and a lifelong supporter of us cranky musician types.”

Bob has just written to say that so far Terry’s friends have raised $25,000.  Praise God!  I’m so glad that FULL CIRCLE could be part of getting the word out to the “Jesus Music” community.  I have had many; many join the FULL CIRCLE Facebook page lately!!  Thanks!  Just keep this show in prayer as our financial support has dropped considerably as well and we are having long delays between programs.

Blessings!!  Enjoy Episode #156!


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