Episode #157 -The Hits Of 1981

Hi Everybody.  On Episode #157 we’re gonna take a look back at the chart toppers from the year 1981. Those of you familiar with our format we tend to go into the background surrounding  of the various songs and artists featured on each show.

But I figured that since on a recent show where we featured special guest Terry Taylor…we had only 7 songs…that I’d would forgo the details on this episode and just play the music that was on the airwaves back in 1981.

We’ll be hearing from the likes of the 2nd Chapter of Acts, Amy Grant, Wayne Watson. As well as Leon Patillo, Seawind, Scott Wesley Brown, and 50’s icon Dion DiMucci.


If you have read this far I am making an urgent request just this one time.  We have literally hundreds of folks on our mailing list who enjoy Full Circle.  I need your help.  I absolutely must have a major breakthrough with finances this month. There simply is nothing else that I can say or do.  Thanks and keep us in prayer.

2 thoughts on “Episode #157 -The Hits Of 1981

  1. Hi Jerry ,
    thanks for this wonderful show.
    I listen to it at my daily job.
    And the work would be easier 🙂

    be blessed & cheers from Germany ,
    ~ Florian

  2. Hey Jerry!
    I found Full Circle on iTunes and was shocked! I love the “classics”. My first artists were Phil Keaggy, Keith Green, The Archers and many others that I hear on your show. There are so many that I have never heard of too. So, it is interesting to hear how they all got started. Keep up the good work.

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