Episode #158 Features The Legendary Paul Clark

Some of you are asking for another Episode of FULL CIRCLE and I am delighted to share an interview with an old friend, Mr. Paul Clark.  Paul was one of the first artists I booked through at the UPPER ROOM COFFEE HOUSE in Carbonale, IL…back in the early 70’s.

Actually, Paul is a serious legend…an inspired songwriter and musician who has spent the last 40 years proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through the art of progressive music and photography.  He’s true pioneer of Jesus music…a founding father of the Jesus movement and the Contemporary Christian Music industry.

I’ll play some of the classic songs from Songs For The Savior, Vol 1 and Vol 2…and we’ll reminisce about how it all got started, way back when.  Go to the Playlist button and give it a listen!

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