Are You Ready For Some Football?…I Mean Episode #162?

Seems like a new season has begun…at least here in Nashville.  Temperatures dropped…leaves too…and Monday night football!!

It’s time for another FULL CIRCLE episode…thanks to my friend John Carroll who underwrote this show.  (Folks, I really do need  your help at this time to support the show…even if you send a small, one time gift…it will make the difference.  Thanks for your response and generosity as you either send check or use your credit card at the PayPal site)

This episode features the guy who is tagged at first using the term “Contemporary Christian Music”, pioneer Ron Moore…who gave an insightful interview.  There are other great songs too from Albrecht, Roley & Moore and Mark Heard.  Hope you enjoy the show.

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Prayers and blessings!


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