Seasons Are Changing…Time For A New Show…Episode #163

Hi Everybody,

I love the changing of seasons, don’t you?  The turning of the leaves, cooler weather…trout fishing! (I just returned from the White River in Arkansas….a Father/Son fishing trip…and my birthday is this weekend!!  I am a blessed man for sure. (Go to FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC on Facebook for a couple of pictures and while you are there request to be a friend!!)

There are hundreds of friends signed up at the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC Facebook page…and  on my email list.  I do appreciate the wonderful responses to the show…yet out of my whole group of friends only one friend contributed to our monthly budget this month to help me produce more FULL CIRCLE shows…but be that as it may…here’s my gift to you…Episode #163!!

The first half of our show will feature songs of an acappella nature. The idea for  this came from Bronson Groomes of Lebanon, Indiana.  I’ll be answering some of our listeners emails and fulfilling their requests for songs from Jesus musicians of the early 70’s during the second half of our show.

Thanks for your friendship and keep FULL CIRCLE in prayer in this next season.

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