Pastor’s Request on Episode #164

A pastor suggested the songs for this next episode of FULL CIRCLE, Episode #164, so we decided to honor him on Pastor Appreciation Day (usually in Oct) and play his songs…such as great memories from Amy Grant, Katy Troccoli, Twila Paris as well as Bryan Duncan, Rick Cua, Petra and more!!  Give a listen at and thanks for your continued support.

Come up with any ideas for a new edition shows?  Please let me know and tell  your friends about the show…which you can automatically have loaded onto your IPOD from the ITUNES store!

1 thought on “Pastor’s Request on Episode #164

  1. Jerry,

    Saturday evening I had iTunes download Episode #164 and the title Pastors Request intrigued me. However, I had to get to junior youth group, and did not listen to the episode until today. As I was working away, I heard you say that you were going to honor a pastor for Pastor’s Appreciation . . . a few seconds later, I heard my name! My mouth dropped open and I could hardly believe my ears.

    Thank you for blessing me by honoring me for Pastor Appreciation, I am truly grateful. Thank you, too, for producing a show with the requests I made and for showing such genuine enthusiasm for the songs. The information you gave about each song and artist was so informative. I absolutely loved what you did with the show. You have truly blessed me and given me a tremendous gift–I am humbled, and genuinely grateful.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Pastor David

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