Special Guest Pat Terry!!! Full Circle Episode #165

Hi everybody.  Happy Thanksgiving!!  If you have a little extra time…be sure and download the next exciting episode of FULL CIRCLE for your IPOD if you’re traveling on the road or sharing some tunes with a friend.   I am featuring a very special guest….none other than the legendary singer/songwriter Pat Terry whose music in the early 70’s helped to forge a bridge between the more traditional southern gospel sound and the burgeoning Jesus music of the rock and roll variety that was popular on the west coast at the time.

We’ll be walking through the life and legacy of this often forgotten pioneer. From his humble beginnings in Smyrna, Georgia to his time in the aggregation known as The Pat Terry Group, his solo work and songwriting for other artists right up until the present day.

We’ll go way back to some Songs From The South and some Sweet Music!!  Don’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “Special Guest Pat Terry!!! Full Circle Episode #165

  1. Great show with Pat Terry! He was really one of my great heroes of the early CCM movement. It was nice hearing Pat’s comments and to listen to those old songs once again. It really was “sweet music” and came at a good time while I was trying to finish a late-night project on the computer. Can’t wait for Part !!!

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