Back To The Rock With Special Guest: Greg X Volz On Episode #175

On this special episode I’ll be featuring an interview I had with the legendary voice behind the veteran Jesus rock group called Petra. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? His name is Greg X Volz and although he departed from the band 25 years ago …he’s back and better than ever; along with some of the other original members of the band including primary songwriter and guitarist Bob Hartman, Mark Kelly, Louie Weaver and John Lawry…the Classic Petra revival!

Along with the interview segments we’ll be hearing some cuts from both the early years of the band as well as a song off their latest offering. We’ll also hear from Greg’s first band known as The E Band along with a track from a rare solo project he did called Xavier as well as some other surprises along the way….and I am happy to let you know that this show was made possible by Rev. David Davis, Joshua Inman, William Cribbs and of course…Robert Henninger with the help of my webmaster Steven Weyhrich!  (Ladies, you may want to step up for the next episode…just saying!!)

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