Episode #176 Features Requests From the 70’s and 80’s

Hi Everybody,

With the help of faithful friends I am able to post Episode #176 for your listening pleasure…it’s a great show featuring a duet by Phil Keaggy and Paul Clark, vintage John Mehler and Lewis Mcvay, early Sheila Walsh, Joe English and a lot more.

Please pass the show on to old or new Jesus music friends and go to Facebook and request to become part of our FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group!  We’d love to keep you up on all the retro concerts and re-releases.

Thanks again to an increasing number of friends who are helping underwrite the show during these days.



1 thought on “Episode #176 Features Requests From the 70’s and 80’s

  1. I have be looking for the group Harvest with Jerry William and Ed Kerr for years. Any help on were to find their music.

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