Tribute To Early Pioneers Who Have Passed…On Episode #177

Hi Everybody,

You, know it is always sad when we lose a pioneer of Jesus music, so on this episode we’re going to pay tribute to 3 Jesus music artists who went on to be with the Lord during the summer of 2011. Within the span of 2 weeks time we lost Dan Peek, Norman Barratt and Janny Grein. If you’re unfamiliar with these musicians we’ll fill you in on their lives, their ministry, and their music.

Would  you consider your support of FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC as we continue to recall the days of early CCM?  We have not been able to post a show for a while…but here’s hoping and believing that the drought is over.  Thanks for your prayers and thanks again to Rev Davis and Bob Henninger for pulling us through!

Check out our past posts and archives this week as well as some new pictures on the website.



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