From FULL CIRCLE With Love – Episode 182 and 183…Remembering Keith Green

Hi everyone and blessings of the season to you.

I’m hoping that you have the time to download not just one FULL CIRCLE show, but 2 shows onto your IPOD for your holiday travels!! I hope that you will share them with family and friends who’ve never heard the show or need to be reminded of the great history of early Jesus music!!

I’m “sharing the love” this season with a Part One and Part Two special from the late and much loved Keith Green. Without a doubt, Keith was one of the most respected and influential musicians in Christian music..not only for his talent but also for his commitment to Christ despite trials and tribulations along the way. His life truly reflected his songs. I know, because I was part of the Last Days Community he and his wife Melody formed back in the mid-70’s in Southern California.

Listen to Part One before Christmas and Part 2 before the New Year or whenever you have a few moments.

Just go to the (Playlist 151 – Present) box and you’ll find it or have it automatically downloaded when you sign up at ITUNES.

I am giving special thanks again to Steven Weyhrick, Robert Henninger, Joshua Inman and Pastor Davis for their consistent underwriting of the show for you to enjoy.

Would you like to add your name to this list of recognition? With so many groups asking “at the end of year donations” for their ministries…I hesitate to ask you again for your help. I believe that the best way we can know what we should do with our finances shouldn’t be just to benefit at tax time…but as the Lord leads and to give from a generous heart. As I said, like everyone we have some real and pressing needs at present and your gift, whether large or small makes a difference. So if you are led to use the PAYPAL button on this page…let me thank you and bless you for your generosity!!

4 thoughts on “From FULL CIRCLE With Love – Episode 182 and 183…Remembering Keith Green

  1. i love and miss keith green so much! i went to david wilkerson’s school down in lindale back then and got to visit the last days ministry compound once. keith and melody were touring at the time so i didn’t get to meet them but i loved the atmosphere there and was so glad later to have at least seen a glimpse of the ministry.

  2. Thanks Jerry ….this takes me back. Thank you for keeping the music the person fresh in our minds and hearts. You’re doing a great work!

  3. I grew up listening to Keiths music. My father plays guitar and Keith Green was one of his favorite musicians. I was seven when Keith went to be with the Lord. I can still remember the feeling of loss in our house when we heard the news. I still listen to his music and every time I do I feel Joy, Passion, Conviction and many other feelings that all say to me “I need to get closer to Jesus”. This is a great reminder of a great Servant. Thanks.

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