Pam Mark Hall on Episode 184

Hi everybody,

Well, here’s the first post of the new year…thanks to some of my friends who have given financial support to make it possible.

It seemed appropriate to feature the legendary Pam Mark Hall on this episode. Pam has been living in Nashville for some time now and I have had the joy of sharing her journey with here…but this week, after packing everything up and selling her condo, she makes the move back to the west coast. We are going to miss her.

Pam Mark Hall was somewhat of a musical prodigy having learned to play the piano by age 6, performing and playing guitar by age 9, and forming her first group called The Chantells at age 12. She is one of those veteran Christian musicians who began singing her songs about her new found faith back at the beginning of the Jesus music era… sharing those pioneering moments with a host of other female singer / songwriters including Honeytree, Jamie Owens Collins, Janny Grein, Karen Lafferty, and even Amy Grant.

Enjoy this interview and many of her early classics as you down load or go to ITUNES. You’ll enjoy the journey too.

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