On With The Fight, Episode #253

Much has been said about our current situation around the world. Seems that there’s another new event every day to grip the heart with the fear of the unknown. Yet, there still remains one answer…and on this episode you’ll hear it. The power of the truth of God, will overcome all darkness and fear!! Jesus was raised from the dead and He’s alive and will reign!!

You’ll hear the message in the music from the SWEET COMFORT BAND, ALLIES, GEOFF MOORE, PETRA, DARRELL MANSFIELD and so many more. Let not your heart be overcome by anxiety or fear. Keep your eyes to the sky and you’ll win every battle!

Bob Henninger suggested the theme for this episode on SPIRITUAL WARFARE, sent the music and personally underwrote the show…thanks Bob!! I’m also grateful to Denzel Polliock, Paul French, Greg Lord and Tom Tatlow for their support this month to this listener supported ministry. Would you consider joining this small army and doing your part? All gifts are tax-exempt and appreciated.

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