Episode #254 – A Steve Scott Retrospective

Hi Everybody,

On this episode I’ll been focusing on the more avant garde, experimental Jesus music back in the day, so you the listener, don’t think I only play country rock or ballads, ha. I’ll be visiting with Steve Scott. Now while many of you may not have heard of Steve you have certainly heard of those Christian musicians he influenced and mentored in the early 80’s as you will see in my interview with him.

Steve, he is more than just another Christian musician having delved into poetry, spoken word artristy, speaking at conferences and teaching at schools. He has also contributed articles for several periodicals as well as becoming a published author.

You’ll hear songs from groups he influenced like Randy Stonehill, Charlie Peacock the 77’s band and the late Tom Howard. Give a listen, I think you’ll enjoy this creative guest, reflecting his “true world view” of the Christian culture and faith.

Thanks once again to those who continually underwrite this ministry. You are a blessing!

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