Not Forgotten on Episode #257

Hi Everybody, On this episode I’ll be featuring songs from those musicians who started out in the 1970’s but by the mid to late 80’s seemed to have had less of an impact for a variety of reasons. That’s not a putdown but we tend to forget what’s not in the limelight and here are some songs and artists, that we don’t want to forget.

Some of the artists you’ll be hearing from include Jesus music veterans Randy Stonehill and The 2nd Chapter of Acts. Singer / Songwriters Barry McGuire, Chuck Girard and Paul Clark. The husband and wife duo known as Farrell & Farrell. Female songstress Jamie Owens Collins. As well as Keith Green and Larry Norman, both of whom have gone on to be with the Lord.

Many have told me that you loved the 80’s Jesus music, so we’ll probably do this again and try to get to other songs you want to hear. Why not write me at and let me know what to add to this list.

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