But Forgiven – Episode 258

Hi Everybody,

You’re hearing a whole lot about injustice nowadays, but not a whole lot on forgiveness. Yes, justice can help to implement change but real lasting change comes when the heart, soul, mind and spirit are all transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. And this change begins with forgiveness.

So it is with that in mind that the songs on this episode reflect on the spirit of forgiveness. You’ll hear from Eddie DeGarmo, Michael Card and Bruce Hibbard, rockers Kenny Marks, WhiteHeart and Petra, female singers Kim Boyce, Michele Pillar and Twila Paris, plus a few other surprises along the way.

Sorry the show was delayed as the giving to FULL CIRCLE is down but thanks to Denzel Pollack, Tom Tatlow and Steven Weyhrich, we got it done. Thanks.

Pass the show on to others. Who knows if the power of the words in these songs could change their life?

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